• About me and about Lektika

About me and about Lektika

My name is Aina Bonet and I live in the Empordà. I am a linguist specialized in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. In parallel with this education, I have been a language teacher in the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and in a high school in Aarhus, Denmark. Moreover, I have taken a Master in Neurosciences, and I have worked in an Observatory of Neologisms (OBNEO) and in a Laboratory of Language Neuroscience (CBC). Now, I am a teacher in the field of languages and I offer linguistic services.

This personal career has given me the opportunity to contemplate the strength and the power that words have in the world of today, as well as the importance of a good linguistic usage in a broad range of areas. Lektika, which means verballyin Greek, is born precisely as a reflection of this idea. The name does not only go back to the classic origins of the verbal art, but it also represents a point in common between the current lexicons of the languages I work with: Catalan, Spanish and English have words that share a Greek etymology. In this sense, Lektika symbolizes a journey of linguistic evolution.