• Into which fields are the services of Lektika applied?

    Here you can check all the fields that Lektika works with


Information letters about events, licenses and permits for activities, requests, announcements about local measures or new regulations, ads and content about compulsory training courses, applications and settlements for administrative procedures, documents about incidents or complaints, other official documents.

Communication and information

Style guides, ads or advertisements in webpages or social media, informational e-mails to groups or to individuals, informational or specialized presentations, talks in open days, awareness-raising campaigns, presentations in contests, congresses, or conferences.


School letters, teaching plans, final projects (TFGs, TFMs, doctoral theses), written drafts and project defences in audio-visual presentations, reference material, style guides, offers and content for classroom or online courses, messages to contact foreign institutions, presentations in contests, applications for scholarships or other grants.

Work organization

Meeting minutes or outline for face-to-face or online meetings, team debates, reports or project proposals, cover or motivation letters, curriculums vitae, protocols and guides to good practices, broadcast or individual messages, messages to contact businesses and enterprises, interviews, questionnaires or other data forms.

Journalism and advertising

Articles in magazines, publications in journals or editorials, scripts for radio programmes, advertising spots, cultural agendas, calendars for leisure activities, informative posters, promotional videos, announcements about local events, broadcast messages or other advertising content in social networks or webpages.


Informative pamphlets, sport and leisure routes, gourmet menus, agendas for cultural activities, guides for museums, guided-tours for places of local interest, informational brochures for touristic attractions in printed material or published in web platforms, webpages about accommodation services, explanatory documents with indications for tourists.